Hedgehog Products
Custom Hedgie Snuggle Sacks!
Super cute durable and reversible fleece
snuggle bags for your hedgie!  
Custom Flannel Cage Liners!
Colorful, washable, reusable double or
triple-layer cage liners. Custom made to
the size of your cage and in the print
and color you choose. A great
eco-friendly way to save on bedding
$15 each or 2 for $25
(if you need more than a yard per liner add $3 per liner or
$4 per two)
Hedgie & Bonding/carrying bags
Carry your hedgie or Glider with you where
ever you may want to take him/her. The top
has a zipper so you can securely close the
bag, it also has a nylon adjustable strap a
mesh window for ventilation and the bottom
is flat for more room.
$25 to $35
We prefer to use The DCN
(Double Critter Nation Cage).
When purchasing a cage be
sure the bar spacing is a
minimum of  1/2 innches and
that it is at least 2 X 2 X 3
Glider set
I make glider sets upon request. 4 for $25,
each piece varies in price when sold
Nail Clipping Bag
Use this mesh zippered
bag to help clip your
suggies nails
Tent Time
Having a tent will give you a place to bond and
have safe play time with your gliders. Im happy
to order one for you upon request.
Crochet Fish Hide Out
I make these crochet fish hide out to hang in your
suggies home, it might just be their most favorite
place to hang out.
(Shipping is available, price varies)
Suggie Scarf
Wear your suggie in a nice warm
fleece scarf. It zips closed and has
3 grommet holes for ventalation
Suggie Tree
Made of plastic hardware mesh
and fleece your gliders will have
loads of fun in this tree. 18 in tall